Music from Whiskey Dick's upsetting N. Spokane neighbors



Posted on November 18, 2013 at 9:24 PM

Updated Tuesday, Nov 19 at 3:17 PM

SPOKANE, Wash.--Whiskey Dick’s is a bar and restaurant in Northeast Spokane. One neighbor has some complaints about it.

Mike and Kathy Kelly live about 100 yards from Whiskey Dicks. They said they were being driven crazy by the loud music coming from the bar.

“We have a train that goes by here that we've gotten used to but this is that boom...boom...boom,” said Mike Kelly.

Kelly has lived in his house on the corner of Market and Liberty for more than 20 years.

“l would love to see him thrive, I want to see his business thrive, I have nothing against them at all...I was once a kid myself. I would just like the business turned down. Just so the vibration isn't coming through the house,” said Kelly.

Kelly said he has called police, talked with Spokane code enforcement and contacted Whisky Dick’s owner but has gotten nowhere.

“At this point we had washed our hands...we don't know what way to resolve this,” said Kelly.

Whiskey Dick’s owner Justin Parker said the music has been too loud on occasion. When KREM 2 News told Parker how strongly his neighbors felt about the loud music he immediately went over and reached out to them.

“It went great, we've been in contact via text and I think there's just a communication gap, we just needed to open these lines of communication and find some sort of resolve in the situation between the neighbors and myself,” said Parker.

Kelly was encouraged by what Parker had to say.

“He says he wants to be part of the neighborhood and we him to be a part of the neighborhood. We told him we'll watch out for your place when you're not around, we are here all the time,” said Kelly.

“For the business to have neighbors we get along with is very important for us,” said Parker.

Spokane Police acknowledged they have received about 30 noise complaints from neighbors in the 2013. Both Kelly and Parker are happy they can resolve the issue before citations are issued and lawsuits are filed.

Parker said Kelly is always welcome in Whiskey Dick’s and lunch is on him.