Lotto winners give fortune away


by CBS

Posted on November 5, 2010 at 8:39 PM

In July Allen and Violet large put just over eleven million dollars in the bank after winning in Lotto they say the money is just about all gone....The Larges made good on a promise to help those who help others. Kevin Harvey first introduced us to the couple just after they won..and today dropped by their home again.

They still live in the same 147 year old new cars in the giant TV's in the living room.....The Larges say they haven't spent any off the money on themselves.

"Nothing we haven't bought one thing that's it because this is nothing that we need"

"I'm quite happy with what we got, money can't buy happiness."

 or health.....78 year old Violet is just getting over surgery and six chemo treatmnts for cancer....but it hasn't changed her outlook on life.

"Well, it could be worse, because I'm not bed fast, and I haven't been sick to my stomach so I'm very fortunate."
But It means that Allen has to do most of the day to day chores....they could have easily hired a house keeper...but the couple wanted no part of that....but Allen wonders how she managed it before...

"you start  thinking  these girls don't have it easy all the time."

One thing the couple isn't worried about is what to do with all that money....that's because most of it gone. Some money they gave to family, but the majority they hand delivered to  charities.

"We have made donations, which has really has perked us up to help hospitals and fire departments churches and cemeteries and all charitable donations we have given and they have all been well appreciated."

The couple doesn't want to talk about how much each received....

"But when the seen the cheque their eyes really opened up wide."

"It made us feel good that we could do something to help other people."

"We were happy so. So why did we need that money. So this way. Everybody's getting some good out of it why spent on yourselves."

The couple knew the money couldn't help with Violets health with the money out of the way they are spending more time on Violets recovery.

She says she may not be able to get up and dance she may not be able to do the Highland fling. But she says I'm quite happy and coming along  every day I'm feeling a little bit better and better everyday. 

So you still have a positive outlook sure I do, because you look around and and at my age. I mean I can't expect miracles"

Allen and Violet say they have kept some money for emergencies and yes they are still buying lottery tickets