Couple comes to local mom's rescue after devastating theft



Posted on September 8, 2013 at 7:01 AM

Updated Sunday, Sep 8 at 8:21 AM

SPOKANE, Wash. -- A local mother said her life took a turn for the better this weekend after a nightmare earlier in the week, when thieves cleaned out her storage unit.

Calisto Griswold was left with almost nothing after the theft, just as she was preparing to move into a new home with her 4-year-old autistic daughter.

A couple of KREM 2 viewers heard Calisto’s story, and decided to do something to help.

Griswold and her daughter watched as Baird and Michelle Dagett unloaded kitchen supplies, brand new bedding, and even a couch onto Griswold’s porch.

 "[It was] extra furniture we were going to garage sale,” said Baird Dagett, “and we looked at each other during that story and said that's a person we can help."

Calisto said she had actually been receiving many calls from people asking to help since her story aired.

"So many people have reached out, it's been a blessing," she said.

The single mother feared for the worst after thieves cleaned out her storage unit near Francis and Cincinnati.   She said she appreciates all the help she is now receiving from people she had never met.

"Huge - we're starting from the ground up… this is amazing," said Griswold.

Calisto said she is still not sure who broke into her storage unit, but she did manage to get some old photos back that were stolen.