Former deputy admitted to sexual act while on a citizen contact call



Posted on August 19, 2013 at 7:08 PM

SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash.--The Spokane County Sheriff fired a deputy Thursday who admitted to having sex with a woman while he was on duty. The same woman was also connected recently to a former officer of the Spokane Police Department.

Deputy Scott Kenoyer’s termination was effective immediately according to authorities.


On Monday, SCSO leaders released new details about what led up Kenoyer’s firing. Leaders said the deputy was not on break when the sexual act happened. He checked out on a citizen contact call according to officials. They said Kenoyer was out of commission for nine minutes when the incident happened on March 21st.

“He got a text from her, he went over to her house. He checked out on a citizen contact,” said Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich.

Internal  affairs investigators said they have no information leading them to believe this happened more than once.

“Sex on duty is one of those things that is absolutely not allowed,” said Knezovich. “No one in the agency has kept their job after committing that violation.”

He said there have been three deputies who have faced similar allegations in the  past 25 years.  Deputies are no allowed to have sex of any kind while on duty, even if it is during one of their three allotted breaks according to the Sheriff.

“They're not off the clock at that point, they are expected to be able to respond at anytime,” added Knezovich.

Sheriff’s Office employees conducted an internal investigation into his conduct when a woman claimed that she had sex with Kenoyer while he was on duty.  The Sheriff's Office said Kenoyer was only out of service for approximately nine minutes when the sex occurred.  Kenoyer reportedly admitted to the on duty sex to Internal Affairs investigators.   The investigation stemmed from a previous criminal investigation done by the Sheriff's Office and Spokane Police Department involving former Spokane Police Officer Jeff Graves.

Officer Graves resigned from the Spokane Police Department in June amid accusations that he was stalking the woman. The Spokane County Prosecutor decided not charge Graves in August. He said that Graves and his accuser connected on Facebook and eventually met in person. Lawyers said their two-week affair consisted of more than 4,000 text messages. Investigators found that about 3,000 of the messages were from the woman. 

Spokane County Sheriff Knezovich met with Deputy Kenoyer on Thursday and representatives from the Deputy Sheriff's Association.  Knezovich offered Deputy Kenoyer a Last Chance Agreement. The agreement stated that Kenoyer would be reinstated into the SCSO under strict and specific conditions.
The Deputy Sheriff's Association and Kenoyer refused to sign the last chance agreement. Kenoyer rejected that deal saying he felt the punishment was already too severe for the offense. 

SCSO said Kenoyer was not placed on administrative leave during this investigation. He was already on medical leave. KREM 2 also learned the woman in this case was not cooperative during the investigation into Kenoyer. Knezovich said he had no other option but to terminate Deputy Kenoyer without an agreement.

Kenoyer was hired in the jail September 1998 and transferred to the patrol division in September 2002 according to SCSO leaders.