Extreme Katie: Spokane's Foamy 5k



Posted on October 1, 2012 at 12:48 PM

Mud pits, ropes, climbing walls - obstacle course racing is one fitness craze that has exploded in popularity around the Northwest. But now a new element is finding it's way into this fierce competition, foam. 

It's all part of KREM 2's new adventure series "Extreme Katie", where we'll be pulling out all the stops, exploring some of the Inland Northwests most extreme and unique adventures. If KREM 2's Katie Boer can do it, so can you and she'll show you how to get involved every step of the way. 

The new series kicked off at Mt. Spokane's state park this summer. Folks weren't just lacing up the shoes and hitting the trails--they came out ready for everything in this years "5K Foam Fest" presented by Roundhouse Racing. 

"This race has foam, no other race has foam," said raced director Emma Moffett. "We have a lot of unique obstacles thats just for our race that no other obstacle race has." 

Like mud pits, and wood climbing walls and then there's the obstacles you'd never expect to find on Mt. Spokane.

"You'll have the body washer which is like a big car wash for humans" said Moffett.

"You'll have the mud pit. We've got two of those. We've got two slip n' slides. We've got the stumpy jumper…its like a big bounce house with foam and there's balls that you have to kinda go from ball to ball."

But this race is more than just soapy shenanigans. 

"Your totally backroads, there's no paved roads or anything like that," said Moffett. 

In fact the trek is anything but smooth surfaces. When you're not pulling yourself up military style wooden climbing walls or slopping around slip and slides, runners are winding around large inclines overlooking scenic views of North Spokane. 

Roundhouse racing says this summer about 1,000 runners participated in Spokane's inaugural "5K Foam Fest", next year they plan to be back and anticipate closer to double the turn out. Think you can handle this 5km race of foam, mud and climbing walls. Be a part of the adventure and sign up for next years race here: http://5kfoamfest.com/location-spokane.php 

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