Detectives: Douglas Carlile threatened by business partner



Posted on January 14, 2014 at 7:52 PM

Updated Tuesday, Feb 25 at 4:43 PM

SPOKANE, Wash—New court documents suggested that days before being murdered, Douglas Carlile received threats from a former business partner with a lengthy criminal history.

 Carlile was murdered inside his home on the South Hill in December.

Police called a Carlile business partner, James Henrikson, three hours after the murder. Henrikson’s criminal history included theft, fraud and accusations of violent rape according to documents.

Records indicate Henrikson convinced Carlile to invest in two businesses in the oil fields of North Dakota.

One of the businesses was a trucking company, Bridgewater Energy.  The second specialized in oilfield development,  Kingdom Dynamics Enterprises. 

Carlile’s wife told investigators that Bridgewater Energy had financial struggles when several investors backed out of a multi-million dollar project. She said that her husband signed the trucking company over to two other men in October 2013. Carlile previously tried to sign the company over to Henrikson according to court records. 

Documents stated that Henrikson assisted Carlile and two other men in acquiring an oil lease in North Dakota for $2 million. Kingdom Dynamics Enterprises was created to develop the oil lease. Henrikson was set to receive $1.2 million when the oil field started making a profit according to the victim’s widow. She added that Kingdom Dynamics Enterprises owed $400,000 and was looking for someone to buy out Henrikson. Carlile’s wife said Henrikson was upset about the prospect of being bought out.

Henrikson demanded $400,000 from Carlile’s son in early September 2013 according to detectives. Skyler Carlile told authorities that Henrikson said “something bad could happen to me and my family,” if he did not receive the money. Henrikson also threatened to sue him and his family according to Skyler Carlile’s interview with authorities. Skyler Carlile told authorities that he believed Henrikson had the ability to harm him.            

 Skylar Carlile also told authorities his father said, “If I disappear or wake up with bullets in my back, promise you’ll let everyone know, James Henrikson did it.”

 Police arrested a suspect, Tim Suckow, for the murder Monday. According to court documents, Henrickson’s phone number was listed in Suckow’s cell phone contacts.

Detectives stated in court records that they had received a tip about Henrikson from an acquaintance. The man told authorities that he overheard Henrikson telling a business associate named Elton Hynson, “this job would pay the same as the last job.”  The acquaintance believed the last job was a reference to a man named Casey Clark according to court documents. 

Clark was Henrikson’s former operations manager who had vanished in February 2012. 

 The acquaintance described Hynson as Henrikson’s muscle in North Dakota. He claimed that Henrikson used Hynson to intimidate and beat up people that were causing Henrikson problems. Police listed Henrikson in the court documents as a suspect in Clark’s disappearance. No one was arrested in that case.

Henrikson was not a suspect or person of interest according to police.