Canada goose wounded by arrow spotted over Clackamas, Ore.


by Mike Benner, KGW Staff

Posted on September 23, 2010 at 8:41 AM

CLACKAMAS, OR -- A wounded goose with an arrow stuck in it has been spotted flying with a flock of Canada geese migrating south for the winter. 

The flock has also been spotted in the 13000 block of SE 84th in Clackamas.

"I saw a bird with an arrow sticking out of its neck," said Mike Hassett who spotted the goose.  "As I got closer that's when I could see he was hurt."

KGW NewsChannel 8 obtained photos of the injured goose.  The arrow was clearly visible in the photos.

"It really hurts our feelings," said Hassett.

Multnomah County Animal Control officers were dispatched Wednesday afternoon to try and capture the goose.

The wounded goose flew away before animal control officers got to it.  However, they were able to make a key observation.  They said the arrow in the goose's neck was a target arrow used for recreation.

"They're going to be doing migrations this time of year and he's going to have to tote that thing around," said Brian Wammack.  "It's going to make it difficult to fly, difficult to eat, more difficult to do what a goose does.

But what is painstakingly clear in the photos is that the goose could not out fly the speed of an arrow.  It sickens the very people who enjoy the geese most.

"With this goose's ability to fly it could've happened a county away or a state away," said Wammack.  "It is a mobile goose and it is able to fly."

"I think someone's just a jerk," said Hassett.  "Nothing against hunters, but not around here."

If you spot the goose or know who is responsible you are urged to call Multnomah County Animal Services at (503) 988-7387.