Bloomies say best part of race is the finish



Posted on May 4, 2014 at 7:44 PM

SPOKANE, Wash.—Many Bloomsday participants said the best part of the race was the finish.

Dee Dee Froeber was anxious waiting for her husband Kevin to finish Bloomsday on Sunday.

“It gets long and cold and it's a couple of hours that I sit out here waiting for him,” said Froeber.

Froeber and hundreds of others waited along Monroe for loved ones to finish.

Gavin Nelson and his mom, Emily, raced together for the first time.  Gary Morgan was a first time Bloomsday finisher.

“It's that good feeling knowing I accomplished something today,” said Morgan.

The 2014 race was Eddie Walker’s 32nd Bloomsday. He said the finish and seeing his family is always the best part.

“Oh it is and the T-Shirt it's always fun to see what the T-Shirt is going to be for the year,” said Walker.

As for the Froeber’s, Kevin crossed the finish line at 58:04. KREM 2 News asked him how good it feels to know his wife is waiting at the finish line.

“Great especially when she sends me a picture at the start line that says, ‘I'm on the right...look for me at the finish line,’” said Kevin Froeber.

Dee Dee Froeber said she would wait for him every year as long as he wants to run.

“The older he gets the happier he gets just to finish,” said Dee Dee Froeber.

“So it feels good I know where to look. I can see her smiling at me and her blue jacket so it feels good,” said Kevin Froeber.