Airway Heights couple help catch suspected tool thieves



Posted on September 3, 2013 at 6:45 PM

Updated Tuesday, Sep 3 at 7:00 PM

SPOKANE, Wash.--Airway heights police are thanking a couple of homeowners for helping catch two suspected thieves.

It happened at the Sands Mobile Home Park near Fairchild Air Force Base. The victims spotted the suspects walking right down the street with some of their construction tools.

One of the suspects appeared in court on Tuesday. One of the victims said she is glad police caught him.

Zephery Strandy, 46, sat in court facing burglary and malicious mischief charges.

Sunday afternoon Airway Heights police got a call to come to this mobile home located off Mintle Street just east of Fairchild Air Force Base.

KREM 2 News talked to a homeowner who wants to remain anonymous. She says Sunday afternoon she and her husband were driving home when they spotted two men walking in their neighborhood carrying a table saw and hundreds of dollars worth of construction tools.
“My husband says, ‘hey I think those are my tools,’ said the homeowner.  "Because he's not sure, he's not going to confront them personally at the time.”

The homeowner says they watched the two men stroll into a mobile home park not far from theirs.
“They couldn't run because those tools were heavy,” the homeowner said.

The couple checked their storage unit when they got home to find the same tools missing.

The homeowner called Airway Heights police while her husband and brother-in-law kept watch of the house. She said as she spoke with officers, she spotted one of the suspects riding away on a bicycle. She said officers chased him down.

“Once they get him they come back and talk to me and ask if I know anything more, and I said,  ‘There's another guy in that trailer.’ And I let them know what number that the trailer was,” the homeowner said.

Police said they arrested Strandy and 45-year-old Raymond Show.

“They appreciate my husband and his brother-in-law too because they say we catch these bad guys and it's better for the neighborhood,” the homeowner said.

The judge set Strandy’s bond at ten thousand dollars. Show did not appear in court today on burglary charges. Police said he had five felony warrants out for his arrest.