Texas stuntman finds new location for Snake River jump


by Stephanie Zepelin


Posted on May 8, 2014 at 1:03 PM

TWIN FALLS, Idaho -- Plans are moving forward for Texas stuntman "Big Ed" Beckley to jump the Snake River Canyon -- but in a new location.

For Beckley, this has been a long road. He has been working toward the jump, and checking off items for the local authorities since last year.

"'Big Ed' Beckley's jump, he came yesterday, he and his staff applied officially for a county permit from Jerome County to jump the canyon, to land on Jerome County side, and that was provisionally approved," said Jerome County Commission Chair Charlie Howell.

In the next 60 days, Beckley still has to bring a security plan to the Jerome County Commission.

"He is required by ordinance to provide a certain amount of security staff himself, and whatever else the sheriff can provide, and whatever the sheriff provides or any other local agency provides he is supposed to reimburse," said Howell.

Beckley plans to take off from a private plot of land in Twin Falls County, which is on the south side of the Canyon. If things go the way he hopes, he will land in Jerome County, on the land he is leasing for close to a million dollars from the Idaho Department of Lands.

"I don't have a death wish, at least not to be this age and die, I want to be about a hundred and die so let's get this thing over with and do it right," said Beckley.

Beckley and his crew have even made the jump more challenging by changing locations on the canyon.

"We were only going to jump 1,500 feet, where Knievel was at, but now we've moved down the rim and that puts us at 2,400 feet, almost a thousand feet further," said Beckley.

Beckley said they are building the motorcycle that he will use for the jump, and plan to test it on drag strips and old airbases.

"There'll be no vacation, let's put it that way," he said. "We got six guys on the team that will be constructing. Instead of just one guy building the rockets, there are six guys that will be doing the fabrication."

The team has about four months to get everything ready to go for the big day on September 7.

Beckley isn't the only person hoping to jump the Snake River Canyon. Scott Truax, from the Magic Valley, is planning to jump from the north side to the south side near the Hansen Bridge.