More teens using social medial to pass the word about parties


by KING 5 News

Posted on March 19, 2012 at 7:01 AM

Updated Monday, Mar 19 at 7:01 AM

Few parents have heard about the new movie "Project X," but their teenagers have.  The movie features a few teens who throw a house party that gets way out of control.


Tim Wolfe and his husband Peter Brulla didn't know about Project X until life started to imitate the movies at his house last week.  While the parents were out for the night they told their teenage son that he could have one friend over.  That friend invited one more and the invitation continued to get passed along.


"She did the tweet and that was that," said Wolfe.






Soon dozens of teenagers started showing up at Wolfe's house.

Neighbor Betsy Pierce couldn't believe the scene that was unfolding on her small cul-de-sac.

"I was shocked. I had not seen that many kids in one house ever and they just kept coming and coming and coming," said Pierce. "Their house was just full of people and there were people up and down the street and I thought what is going on?"

Wolfe's son tried to keep people out but he was in over his head.

"As my son was trying to take control they held him against the wall and punched him; that's when he tried to escape," said Wolfe.

The police finally showed up and started removing teens, but not before things were stolen. Many party goers were roughed up and everyone was shaken.

Police officers told the family it's a growing trend.

"It sounds like most of the kids were just trying to have fun but they were caught in it, and gets out of control," said Brulla.

The family wants to let other people know about this dangerous trend so they can talk with their children. 

"Kids need to know it's not funny to do this and it can get out of control," said Brulla.

Police are trying to put a stop to parties like this.  Recently a Mercer Island father was cited for an underage party that happened at his home while he wasn't there.