Treats 2 Troops ring in early Christmas at Transit Center Manas



Posted on December 20, 2013 at 7:04 PM

Updated Friday, Dec 20 at 8:13 PM

MANAS TRANSIT CENTER, Kyrgyzstan -- It was like Christmas came early for members of Fairchild’s 376th Air Expeditionary Wing.

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Treats 2 Troops donated by KREM 2 viewers arrived for hundreds of Fairchild airmen and women deployed overseas.  Treats 2 Troops, painstakingly gathered and packaged in Spokane, made it halfway around the world to be opened at Manas Transit Center. 

WATCH: Volunteers help KREM pack Treats 2 Troops

“Holy cow!” said one airman as donated candy poured onto the floor.

KREM 2 News  viewers sent everything from snacks to handmade knit hats

“Hey! Check it, yeah? How'd you know my size?” said Capt. Raymond Paterson

The treats provided some fun but also hit home for the airmen far away from loved ones.

“It's pretty amazing, Fairchild.  I mean, I've only been there about a year,” said Paterson, “but when we come here, we always hear about Spokane and how they support us.  And when we're home, they make us feel welcome.”

Each box also came with a handwritten card.

“I'm just grateful that the people of Spokane care enough to send us all these care packages.  War is hell and we appreciate this,” said one airman.

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Many of the local airmen stationed at Manas were just starting their deployment, so they would be missing the holidays with their loved ones.
But they said the treats people donated and helped provide really do make all the difference.