Springdale school bus crash injures 8 students




Posted on March 5, 2014 at 10:44 AM

Updated Thursday, Mar 6 at 2:47 PM

SPRINGDALE, Wash. -- A school bus crash sent eight students on board to the hospital Wednesday morning.

The Mary Walker School District identified the bus involved in the crash as number “6,” which is used along the Cemetery Rd route.  The crash was reported along Cemetery Rd near Highway 231.

Authorities said the bus slid on ice.  The bus' back wheels went off the road and the vehicle ended up flipping onto its side. 

The district superintendent, Kevin Jacka said the bus travels that road daily during the school year.

“They are roads that are maintained by Stevens County and as you get farther south, they are Spokane County so we work with the two counties,” he said. “They are maintained. They are plowed”

The School district reported 27 students between pre-school and high school ages were on board at the time. 

Jacka said he learned about the wreck soon after it happened and his first concern was the for those kids.

“The first response and the first thought is, ‘how are the students doing?’” Jacka said.

Children on board climbed out hatches and were huddled outside when emergency responders arrived, fire officials said. Medical staff at school evaluated all of the students. They either were free to go to class or released to their parents.

The eight students transported to the hospital with bumps and bruises were sent as a precaution.  The bus driver was not seriously hurt.  Mary Walker School District staff personally contacted the parents of these eight children.

“I think you’re seeing post effects of a wreck,” Jacka said. “We’ve had some kids that are complaining a little bit about back stiffness, neck stiffness, and shoulder stiffness.”

The bus was towed with visible damages, including broken windows, scrapes and dents.

Authorities said no charges would be filed.