Spirit Lake woman helped name the Seahawks




Posted on February 5, 2014 at 8:07 PM

Updated Wednesday, Feb 5 at 8:20 PM

SPIRIT LAKE, Idaho-- As hundreds of thousands of fans celebrated the Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks Wednesday, an Idaho woman remembered participating in the contest that gave the team its name.

Managers of Seattle’s first professional football team launched a contest in 1975 to pick the team’s name. 

Seahawks fan Betty LaPier was one of 29,000 people who entered the contest.

LaPier said she remembered “anchovies” and “abominable snowman” from the pick list, among 1,741 other names.

LaPier was also part of a group of 151 people who chose the name, “The Seahawks”.

“Seagull wouldn’t have been inappropriate,” she said. “But Seahawks, yeah, because they are a very gracious, affirmative, aggressive little bird.”

A month after the contest began, managers announced the official name with blue, green and silver as its colors. 

LaPier won pre-season tickets to see the Seahawks play against the San Diego Chargers that year. 

She said she would never forget the team’s first season in 1976.

“They were a good team then,” LaPier said. “They are a better than great team now.”

LaPier said the last time she saw the Seahawks play live was in 1978, but she continued to root for the team, watching them play many times on television.