Weather related contingency plans announced for Outdoor Hockey Classic


by Spokane Chiefs / WHL

Posted on January 12, 2011 at 1:34 PM

Updated Wednesday, Jan 12 at 8:39 PM

SPOKANE -- The Western Hockey League announced their weather related contingencies for the Outdoor Hockey Classic on Saturday at Avista Stadium.

The Spokane Chiefs will host the Kootenay Ice in the WHL's first-ever outdoor hockey game at 1:00pm on Saturday at the home of the Spokane Indians.

"Typically with a controlled, indoor setting these regulations are not necessary. With the game being played outdoors we know these contingencies need to be in place for the safety of the players and the integrity of the game," Chiefs general manager Tim Speltz said.

Here are the approved weather related contingencies for outdoor games played in the WHL.


1. Once the game has begun, at the discretion of the WHL, it may be subject to one or more temporary stoppages due to unplayable conditions.

2. The period and game format may be reconfigured to accommodate temporary stoppages as determined appropriate by the WHL.

3. If wind is a factor at ice level, the WHL will notify the clubs prior to the third period that the period will be played in two equal halves. The score clock will be set to 10:00 and play will continue until the buzzer reaches 0:00. The teams will then change ends and another 10:00 period will be played. This identical procedure will also take place at the 2:30 minute mark of the overtime period, if it is required.

4. In the event of a shoot-out, each club will determine the end they prefer to defend, which could be the same end.

5. If the game is started, and then stopped permanently due to unplayable conditions, it will be deemed "official" once two periods have been played. The team leading at the time play is stopped will be declared the winner and will be awarded two points in the standings.

6. If the game is tied at the time play is stopped permanently, and after two periods have been played, each club will be awarded one point in the standings. If conditions permit, a shoot-out will be immediately held, with the winning team earning the additional point.

If conditions make it impossible to conduct a shoot-out safely, the shoot-out will take place prior to the next regularly scheduled game between the two clubs, which is on Friday, January 21st at Spokane.

7. If the game is started, and then stopped permanently due to unplayable conditions, and fewer than two complete periods of regular time have been played, the game will be officially "postponed" with the make-up date later in the season to be determined by the two teams and approved by the WHL.

8. Should any unforeseen circumstances arise; the WHL will discuss the matter with the general managers of the respective clubs. The WHL will be empowered to make a binding decision, if necessary.