Seahawks working with Spokane's Wilson Elementary



Posted on February 28, 2014 at 4:35 PM

Updated Sunday, Mar 2 at 1:04 PM

SPOKANE, Wash. – Your #Wilson2Wilson tweets and Facebook messages have not gone unnoticed. The Seahawks are in talks with Spokane’s Wilson Elementary about Russell Wilson visiting or Skyping with the kids.

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KREM 2 News created a social media campaign called #Wilson2Wilson to generate publicity to have Wilson come to the school. You can join by tweeting a message to @DangeRussWilson asking him to visit, be sure to include “Wilson2Wilson” in your message.

The elementary school is using Wilson in its character campaign and he has inspired talks about working hard, persevering and never giving up.

The campaign has students hoping to see Wilson at their school.

“The media requests for Russell Wilson and the Seahawk is in the thousands and the fact that ours got to the top of the pile is pretty cool,” said student Noelle Fries.

Principal Tony Ressa received a call from the Seahawks front office on Thursday.

“They just want to talk about things they can do. They are going to make Russell Wilson aware. They did not rule out a visit, but his schedule is really tough,” said Ressa, “But, I’m hoping if we don’t get a visit, maybe we can Skype with him or something like that.”

Ressa said the Seahawks plan to do what it calls a “12 Tour” this summer to visit fans in cities throughout the Pacific Northwest.

“They are trying to move it up because of our thing and trying to do it before the kids are out of school,” said Ressa.

Leaders of the Seahawks also talked about sending Blitz, the team’s mascot, to visit the school.

Team leaders said they are sending 12th man bracelets to the school for all students and staff.