Little Gipper Spirit: Cataldo student pushes kids to find their passion



Posted on November 25, 2013 at 1:12 PM

Updated Tuesday, Nov 26 at 10:12 PM

SPOKANE, Wash. -- Jake Keyes is a little man on the move.Keyes is a talented quarterback for the blue and gold at Cataldo Catholic School.
“I’m passionate about football,” said Keyes.
It turns out, he has a list of passions as long as his throwing arm.  Keyes is also a pianist and a point guard.

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"I do basketball and football and cross country. Track in the spring,” said Keyes.
The young athlete does not stop with sports and music.  Keyes is already a published author at the age of 12.
KREM 2 News met him last year when he wrote a book about his favorite team, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.
"The Little Gipper's Welcome to Notre Dame Football" is geared toward kids.  It is even sold at the Notre Dame bookstore.

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It is easy to see how much passion for life pours out of the kid.  His sisters Grace and Tess are just as passionate and are applying their talents to the violin.
Now the three of them have a question for kids everywhere. They want to know what other kids’ passions are. Jake, Tess and Grace hatched a plan that is all about the positive.
"It's almost a call to action," said the kids’ mother, Theresa Keyes.
Mom and dad give them some guidance but this project is fueled by the three kids.  Their goal is to get kids across the country to participate. 
The "That's Your Passion" essay and art contest asks kids across the country to find their passion, write about it and use that passion to make the world a better place.
"I'm real excited for the essay contest. I think it's just going to be cool to see what other kids are doing to help others,” said 10-year-old Grace.
The winning writers and artists will have their submissions published in a book officially licensed through Notre Dame and sold in the college bookstore.
The goal is big but the Keyes kids have been raised to go for it.
"That's kind of our motto. ‘Why are you waiting?  Let's do something now and make a difference,’” said Theresa Keyes.
That is the Little Gipper spirit.