Trading textbooks for iPads easy transition for Gonzaga Prep



Posted on September 26, 2013 at 9:54 PM

Updated Friday, Sep 27 at 9:58 AM

SPOKANE, Wash. -- Students at Gonzaga Prep have replaced their textbooks this school year with iPads.

One month into the school year administrators said families have saved money as a result and students said the transition has been easy.

Spanish teacher Joelle Traynor said it would be hard to go back to books now. Traynor said the iPad has provided a fun and interactive learning environment.

"Another amazing thing is right away, direct feedback. They'll do an activity and they can see if they did it correctly right away instead of waiting until the next day in class," said Traynor.

Sophomore Nick Johnson said he no longer worries about leaving his homework at home.

“It’s all in one place and it’s super easy to bring everything right up,” said Johnson.

Rules for iPad use are displayed for everyone to see in every classroom.

In math class students say an app allows them to solve problems with a digital pencil right on the screen and send the teacher their answers.

In choir, students record their musicial notes for easy playback outside of class.

Art students snap pictures of their work and submit their portfolio across the country for review and to apply for scholarships.

The one place iPads are not allowed is the Barbieri Student Center where students eat lunch.  Administrators wanted to ensure face-to-face conversation between students remained a key part of the educational day.