Otis Orchards man believes hatchet attack injured his dog


by KREM.com


Posted on October 10, 2013 at 5:16 PM

Updated Sunday, Oct 13 at 9:24 AM

OTIS ORCHARDS, Wash.--A man in Otis Orchards is asking for help to figure out who or what attacked his dog. He said he is convinced someone attacked his dog with a hatchet.

SCRAPS employees looked into the case and said they can not say whether a car hit the dog or if someone brutally attacked the dog.

The dog’s owner believes the suspect is still on the loose and needs to be caught. The dog, Mekia, wandered off Tuesday with another dog and did not come back.
Mekia’s owner James Quinn started looking for her and found Mekia at the neighbor’s house.
"Looks like they hit her with a hatchet,” said Quinn.

Quinn said it looked like Mekia was hit more than once. He added her cuts were deep enough that she needed surgery.
Quinn has had Mekia for ten years.

"She was born right into my hands, she never hit the ground. I delivered all of her brothers and sisters,” said Quinn.

He called SCRAPS and they investigated the case initially. They could not find any witnesses or any evidence to prove someone attacked the dog.

Quinn believes someone is responsible but can not imagine why they would attack his pit bull.

"She's been gentle and beautiful her whole life, she's not an aggressive dog at all,” said Quinn.

He is worried someone may strike someone else's pet.
"Anybody that would do that to a dog, I don't think they're too far from doing to a human being,” said Quinn.

SCRAPS said they need more evidence before they can look into the case any further. For now, they can only say it looks like Mekia was hit by a car.