Woman quits after being tied up at gunpoint at George shop




Posted on February 17, 2014 at 11:35 PM

Updated Monday, Feb 17 at 11:40 PM

GEORGE, Wash.--The victim in an armed robbery in George, Washington spoke exclusively to KREM 2 News.    

Authorities said four masked men barged into Sandoval’s Food Store, tied up employees and stole money.

The armed robbers were at the store for ten minutes. Those minutes were terrifying for the victims.

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“She was fixing the bread and she saw them coming right there through our window. When she saw that she ran that way, but they saw her and went after her,” said store owner Ezequiel Sandoval.

Sandoval got a frantic call from one of his employees on Thursday night saying armed gunmen had just robbed his store.

“She was working usually, and then four guys showed up with guns,” said Sandoval.

Lydia Cruz said she tried to run to the back of the store but one of the men caught her. Another locked a back door. One went after a second clerk working behind the counter.

The employees were tied up and held at gun point. Surveillance video shows a gunman going through the cash register.

Sandoval said one of the gunmen took Cruz to an office and demanded more money.

 “They sat her on the chair right there and they told her, if she didn't give them the money, she was gonna die right there,” said Sandoval.

Sandoval said after the gunmen left, Cruz and the other clerk untied themselves.

The attack left Cruz in fear.

“Right now, she can't sleep. She thinks that anybody that she sees is that person and might try to do something to her,” said Sandoval.

Cruz resigned. The other clerk in the incident is taking some time off. Authorities said if you recognize any features of clothing on the men, to call the Grant County Sheriff’s Office.