McMorris Rodgers out fundraises Cowan, both receive support outside Northwest



Posted on October 12, 2012 at 5:00 PM

Updated Friday, Oct 12 at 6:27 PM

SPOKANE, Wash. – As of October 12th Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers had outfundraised her opponent, Rich Cowan, in the race for the 5th District. However, the number of donors coming from states outside our region was unexpected less than four weeks before election day.

The Republican incumbent raised $941,709 for both the primary and general elections, much more than Democrat Rich Cowan’s $185,578, according to data available from the Federal Election Commission. These figures represent individual donations.

Donations posted online were based on information submitted by the campaigns through June 2012.

More than 110 people donated the maximum of $2,500 to Rodger’s campaign during either the primary or general campaign. Only 11 people made the same size donation to Cowan.

On the other end of contributions, almost 200 people gave up to $50 to the congresswoman’s bid for re-election. Seven donated in the same range to her opponent.

Both candidates got money from states outside the Northwest region or those part of the greater Washington, D.C. metro area.

Donors from more than a dozen states supporting Rodgers included:

Colorado, 22
California, 15
Texas, 8
Oklahoma, 6
New York, 4

Cowan also had large support from the Golden State but less geographic diversity:

California, 34
Texas, 4
Utah, 3
New Mexico, 1
New York, 1
Florida, 1

Among the top individual donors for the congresswoman, many were local supporters:

Walt & Karen Worthy $10,000
Owners of The Davenport Hotel
(Each gave $2,500 for the primary and general elections)

Phillips Baker $2,500
CEO, Hecla Mining Co.

Paul Allen $1,000
Microsoft, Co-Founder

Irving Zakheim $1,000
Zak Designs

Cowan had his largest contributions from both local and distant supporters:

Avinoam Lerner $5,000
California Production Company Executive
Mark Kammers $5,000
Enduris Washington CEO

Janet Guthrie $2,500
California Veterinarian

Donald Barbieri $2,500
Spokane Developer

Stanley Perdue $2,500
New Mexico Attorney

Rodgers had dozens of corporate donations through various political action committees including:

AT&T $10,000
American College of Radiology Association $9,000
Microsoft $5,000
Facebook $2,000

The Democrat challenger had four total PAC contributions:

United Association Political Education Committee $5,000
Sheet Metal Workers International $2,500
Planned Parenthood $1,000
Washington State Progressive Caucus $500

Data through September is expected to be included online next week. Ballots for Washington voters are due on election day, Nov. 6.