Local advocates wary of marijuana legalization




Posted on November 7, 2012 at 5:40 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 7 at 8:01 PM

SPOKANE -- The day after the 2012 elections, local residents want to know how Initiative 502 will play out in Washington, since marijuana is illegal federally.

Even some local medical marijuana advocates are wary of the change.

Darren McCrea’s relationship with marijuana goes back to 2003. He started using it medically for a disability and formed a support group called “Spocannabis.”

He later found himself in trouble with the law.

“They were following me for over six months,” he said. “I told my lawyer, ‘I’m not a felon for taking care of these people.’”

Even though medical marijuana was legal in Washington, it was still illegal federally. McCrea is concerned if Washingtonians use pot when it becomes legal on December 6, they still face trouble with the feds.

McCrea is part of the Colville Confederated Tribes, which does not fall under state law enforcement.

“Right now, it’s not legal on our reservation, even for medical purposes. And that’s because we’re afraid of the federal government.”

Despite the uncertainties, McCrea believes voters took an important step forward for the marijuana community.

“The whole world knows about it right now, so the cards are going to start tumbling around the world.”