DOCUMENTS: How panels ranked Frank Straub



Posted on August 23, 2012 at 4:19 PM

Updated Monday, Nov 25 at 12:39 PM

SPOKANE--More documents released Thursday show how five different panels ranked incoming Police Chief Frank Straub.
The Law Enforcement Panel ranked Straub last and even asked Mayor Condon to start a new search for chief.  Straub was also ranked first by three panels and second by another.

The panel members included business leaders, council members and educators, each gave a ranking and comments on the candidates.

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The Police Advisory Committee gave Straub mostly "excellent" ratings.  Panel members commented things like, "too good to be true," and "excellent education."  The panel hardly left notes in the weaknesses category, other than "cool demeanor."

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The Government Administration Panel had more to say about the candidate, such as, “extreme media and political baggage issues” and “ not sure if healthy for Spokane.”  Fire Chief Bobby Williams noted Straub's "communication style could be a challenge."

The panel left Straub six checks in the "poor category," citing his attitude and initiative, but overall the panel ranked him with "good" or "fair" checks.

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Straub mostly received "excellent" or "good" checkmarks from the Community Business Panel.  Members called Straub "intellectual" and "highly educated."  One panelist went as far as to say, "out of all the candidates, I think he has the best chance of achieving trust in Spokane, a tall order."

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The last group, the Public Safety Transition Team, also went away with a good impression.  Straub ranked mostly in the "excellent" or "good" categories.  One member said, "he is incredibly smart" and "can bring big city ideas to Spokane.”  Some also wondered what is behind the story of his departure in Indianapolis.

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City council should officially "confirm" Straub during its September 10th meeting.  His tentative start date is the 17th.