Controversial Portland homeless camp may get moved


by Tim Gordon, KGW Staff

Posted on August 28, 2013 at 5:46 AM

Updated Wednesday, Aug 28 at 6:01 AM

PORTLAND, Ore. -- A deal is in the works to move a highly visible and controversial camp for the homeless to a new location in Portland.

The homeless group “Right 2 Dream Too” has been negotiating with local officials for the past two years.

The Portland Development Commission told KGW they are looking into possibly moving the homeless camp from its current location on Northwest 4th Avenue and Burnside to a location near Union station under the Lovejoy ramp to the Broadway Bridge.

It is a covered area currently being used as a parking lot and close to Union Station. The PDC owns the lot and the city would pay to use it.

Mike Millino lives near Union Station and does not want to see the homeless camp moved there.

“In this area, they are stacking up the homeless shelters right on this corner so I don’t know if it’s such a good idea because it’s just become a cesspool of bums hanging out under bridges,” Millino said.

The battle over Right 2 Dream Too’s right to exist has been going on since it opened inside Chinatown two years ago. The property owner has been fined a total of $25,000 for allowing the camp at its current site and a lawsuit is pending.

The fines from the city and the lawsuit will reportedly be ironed out as part of the deal currently under negotiation.

Commissioner Amanda Fritz was put in charge of the negotiations for the city. She did not comment on the issue Tuesday and neither did any leaders from Right 2 Dream Too.

No one has shared a timeline of when the camp may potentially be moved if a final deal is agreed upon.