Strangers help man whose adult trike was stolen in Vancouver


by KGW Staff

Posted on November 18, 2013 at 3:45 PM

Updated Monday, Nov 18 at 4:00 PM

VANCOUVER – A young Vancouver father is getting help from strangers after his only mode of transportation was stolen over the weekend.

Terry Ferguson used his adult tricycle and trailer to take his daughter to preschool every day.  He has trouble walking long distances, due to several past strokes and a brain tumor but the trike worked well for him.

The trike, trailer and his girlfriend’s bicycle were stolen late Friday night or early Saturday morning from their home in the 8800 block of Northeast 90th Street. The preschool that Ferguson's daughter attends is more than a mile away from their home. He was worried about how long it would take to push her there in a stroller.

“Now my daughter is going to end up getting a cold because I can't keep her warm and dry,” he said Sunday.

KGW covered the story and then on Monday, strangers came forward to help. 

"I'm just shocked that it happened so quick, that so many people wanted to help out. I just reported it to you guys like 10 hours ago and now people are wanting to replace it," Ferguson said.

Gary Madlener, of Salem, offered to buy Ferguson a new tricycle and other people said they wanted to give him a bike trailer.

"You're a very courageous young man and anybody that cares that much for his daughter is just aces in my book," Madlener said.

Ferguson has fought the odds before

Ferguson had a brain tumor removed at the age of 15. Doctors didn’t think he would ever walk again, but he proved them wrong.

“I just decided to get up and walk, even though I wasn't supposed to,” he said. “And hanging onto the walls, I eventually got the hang of it.”

“He had to re-learn how to eat, drink, walk, swallow, talk, everything,” said his mother, Cathy Ferguson.

Anyone with information on the theft of Ferguson's original bike was asked to call the Vancouver Police Department.


KGW reporter Wayne Havrelly contributed to this report.