Tigard students create art project for Newtown


by Cathy Marshall


Posted on January 19, 2013 at 10:56 AM

PORTLAND - Middle school students in Tigard-Tualatin are using paint to take on the pain left by the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

They’re creating a huge wall hanging which will go on display in the community.

“Art can heal because it can soothe,” said Tamara Hufford-Wong a parent who went to the principal with the idea.

The students at Twality Middle School voted on the theme of fish and flowers. Each is painting a 12X12 inch fabric square.

“I’m painting a flower because it stands for peace and they make me smile when I see them,” explained student Heidi Husband.

Their teacher says the students were extremely quiet in the days following the shooting.

“They had just dealt with the shooting a Clackamas Town Center and then the shootings in Newtown happened. It was a terrible week,” remembered Jeannine Miller.

Link: Healing Newtown

The painting gave them an outlet said Miller and they began to express some of their concerns.

“School used to be a safe place, but now we all have worries,” said one eighth grader.

The wall hanging made up of 60 squares will be displayed in Newtown once a cultural commission decides on a location.

“They’re going to see the finished product and the people back there will know even though we’re here in Portland, Oregon we really care,” concluded Hufford-Wong.