Inslee, McKenna debate in Seattle


by KING 5 News

Posted on October 11, 2012 at 10:26 PM

Updated Thursday, Oct 11 at 11:28 PM

From Democrat Jay Inslee and Republican Rob McKenna - two very different philosophies for state government and two very different debating styles.

They've been running against each other for 16 months. With ballots going out next week and polls showing a tight race, the candidates for governor came ready to engage.

“His plan lacks specifics, how much, how soon?” said McKenna.

McKenna blamed Democrats for letting state funding of education erode over the past two decades, Inslee said finding efficiencies in state government and health care will free up more money for schools.

"Well, I have very specific plans on this, you know this lean management system that I'm going to embed throughout the state of Washington, when it was used at Salmon Creek hospital in Vancouver, I was there a couple weeks ago, they have reduced their overtime cost by 60-percent,” said Inslee.

Also debated was Inslee's latest commercials attacking McKenna for supporting a plan that would have the state provide more funding for schools so they don't have to rely as much on local levies.

"It will not raise a dime to put net dollars into our schools. I think you might call that a gimmick, you m might call that a shell game,” said Inslee.

"Congressman Inslee's obviously convinced himself it's a gimmick--none of the people who have actually been working...stand for Children,” said McKenna.

From same-sex marriage to Medicaid the two disagreed on many issues, including whether Washington is a good place to do business.

 "It's too expensive to do business here.  We're one of the ten most expensive states in America in which to run a company and to employ people,” said McKenna.

"Rob's numbers are simply not factual. Forbes' magazine a couple of months ago rated Washington the 7th best state to do business in,” said Inslee.