Pushy Comcast workers worry Capitol Hill residents




Posted on October 7, 2012 at 10:44 AM

Seattle residents claim aggressive sales pitches coupled with scare tactics by Comcast contract workers are making them feel uneasy in their own homes.

“It was just a lot of adrenaline at the time,” said Valerie Bauman.

Two workers showed up to Bauman’s Capitol Hill apartment Friday night.

“They said they were contractors for Comcast and had the authority to be there and showed me this card and I mean, I’ve got a deck of cards, I can pull out the queen but I’m not royalty,” she said.

They eventually left, but came back.

“One of them smiled at me and said, are the police on their way ma’am?” said Bauman.

Bauman called police and posted about her scary experience on Twitter.

Sam Levine read about it and realized it happened to him too.

“They didn’t try to sell me anything, they just insisted I open my door,” said Levine.

He didn’t do it.

“It’s not acceptable, it’s not cool, it’s not a way to treat your customers,” he said.

In both cases, the workers pounded on doors, spoke in unfriendly tones and were unwilling to take no for an answer. Both claim they complained to Comcast and were told this behavior was not acceptable. They say the company told them since the salesmen were contract workers, it’s hard to pinpoint who they are.

“You don’t have any right to put somebody in a position where you feel unsafe and threatened in your own home,” said Bauman.

KING 5 News made several calls to Comcast for comment, but none were returned.

According to Bauman, the company sent her an e-mail Saturday afternoon telling her it plans to get to the bottom of these claims.