Leggings banned at Forest Grove school


by Erica Heartquist and KGW.com Staff


Posted on January 21, 2011 at 10:42 PM

FOREST GROVE, Ore. --Some students at Neil Armstrong Middle School in Forest Grove are fired up over a new dress code policy. The principal banned students from wearing leggings.

Today some students wore them anyway, in protest.

 "I think it's ridiculous, " said student Shannon Ralls, "I don't see anything wrong with them."
"I don't think that they are inappropriate, " said student Madison Grubbs, "they aren't see through or revealing."
Shannon Ralls, 14, just had surgery and has to wear a boot to school.
"I have a hurt foot and it's hard to put jeans over it, " said Ralls, "so I liked to wear sweats.  Yes, I wear jeans but sweats are more comfortable."
Angela Butler is Shannon's mom.
"It's absurd, " said Butler, "It's impossible to find something they can wear."   
But Principal Brandon Hundley stood behind his decision. He said leggings can be way too risque.
"We are trying to make it clear.  It's a place of academics, and immodest attire can get in the way of that, " said Principal Hundley.
The principal said it's okay for students to wear a dress, a long shirt, or jeans over the leggings.
But Shannon's mom says that's not practical.
"I'd like to see him try to wear leggings and jeans.  You don't wear two pairs of pants at the same time, " said Butler. 
But Principal Hundley won't budge. He said students should focus on the books and not what girls are wearing.
"We are simply saying this is a school.  The expectation is that you come here like you're coming to work," Hundley said.
Hundley said students will be sent home with a letter explaining the policy. And, starting Monday, the principal will call parents if students are wearing the leggings, to have them bring a change of clothes for their children.

 If the problems continue after that, Hundley said the penalties could get more serious.