Mary Walker SD offers to help charter schools stay open

Mary Walker SD offers to help charter schools stay open

SPRINGDALE, Wash. -- Charter schools across the state are in danger of closing and a local school district is trying to step in to help.

They are waiting to hear if the King County Superior Court will make a final ruling offering any protection to the nine charter schools across the state of Washington. This after the State Supreme Court ruled earlier this year that state funding for charter schools is unconstitutional.

The Mary Walker School District could be the ticket to keeping the nine charter schools open. As of Monday the charter schools in Washington are in limbo. Charter school leaders are scrambling to find a solution that will not put nearly 1,100 kids out of school across the state.


In September the state Supreme Court ruled state funding toward charter schools is unconstitutional. The charter schools asked if they could reconsider that decision but they have been sticking to it. The ruling has been passed-down to the lower court and it is now up to them to make a ruling within the parameters of the Supreme Court's decision.

The Mary Walker school district in the small town of Springdale in Stevens County raised its hand and volunteered to host these schools. This does not mean kids will have to move, it just makes these schools part of the Alternative Learning Experience model. This new model just means these charter schools can stay open and running as public schools.               

Washington State Charter Association leaders said this is still just a temporary fix for a long-term problem. Association leaders said it expects to hear a decision from the lower court within these next couple of days.


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