Woman finds cat wedged in engine after trip to Spokane

Woman finds cat wedged in engine after trip to Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash. -- A sneaky cat found itself in a dangerous position on Saturday.

Sarah Ann Stevens was driving from Chewelah to Spokane when she made a pit-stop at the Costco on Division. She could smell burned hair coming through her vents while she was driving.  She returned to her car to hear a loud thump and a meow. Stevens said her stomach dropped to the floor in that moment. Stevens opened the hood of her car to find a cat wedged behind her engine. Sarah said the cat must have been stuck for about two hours.

"I was crying at this point because I felt so awful," said Stevens.

Stevens recognized the cat. She had named him Thomas two years ago when he randomly showed up at her home one day. 

Stevens said she went into the tire center at Costco for help. One man from the tire center and two customers came out to help her retrieve the lodged cat. The two customers gave Stevens tools to help remove a car part to help free the cat. 

The tire center employee pulled the cat out from behind while Stevens pushed from the front. They were scared Thomas would run away once he was removed from the car, but he instead curled up in Stevens' arms. 

"He grew up in the country. He likes to be outside and inside cat. I think he really likes out buildings which is the reason why he might have ended up in my vehicle," said Stevens.

Thomas appeared unharmed except for what looks like a small burn or scratch on his nose said Stevens. 

Stevens is looking for a good home for Thomas. Anyone interested in adopting him is asked to contact her on Facebook.  



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