Suspect breaks windows of stranger's Browne's Addition home

SPOKANE, Wash. – A man was arrested Friday after police said he broke out windows of a stranger’s home on West 3rd.

Colburn Morgan was arrested for malicious mischief. In court Tuesday, Morgan was released with monitoring and appointed an attorney to his case to get him help for mental health issues. 

The victim said he saw Morgan on his front porch screaming and yelling at him. The victim said he did not know the man. Then, Morgan started breaking out his house windows for no apparent reason. The victim said he broke three windows and the large pane glass in his main front door. He said he also punched loose a piece of wood covering another side door to his house.

Sharon Duval watched from her home as Morgan started breaking out those windows.

"I thought, 'Oh my gosh,' and I thought, 'Oh I hope he doesn't come over here,'" said Duvall.

Neighbors say Morgan first went into another neighbor's backyard, grabbed a stick of some sort, crossed the street, then for no apparent reason started breaking windows. 

Duval said the homeowner could not stop Morgan from damaging the brand new door and windows the homeowner just replaced. But instead of running, Duval said Morgan just hung out. 

"Sat on the grass and had a cigarette. Yeah, he did and then he came over here, he was sitting down and having a cigarette," Duvall explained.

Police arrived on scene and detained Morgan. Police estimate Morgan did about $750 worth of damage to the house. He was then arrested and booked for second degree malicious mischief.   

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