Former officer accused of voyeurism during murder case

SPOKANE, Wash. -- The former Pasco police officer arrested for a 1986 murder made his first court appearance Wednesday.

The bail for Richard Aguirre, 51, was set at $500,000. Detectives charged him with 1st Degree Murder when they took him into custody Tuesday for the death of Ruby Doss.

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Police said they have issued and investigated five warrants in Franklin County. They said what they found leads them to believe Aguirre had other victims. Some of the evidence included video recordings of women.

"There are multiple unidentified victims that have been recorded during sex acts that we are trying to identify as potential victims," said Spokane Police Captain Eric Olsen.

Olsen said the police believe many of these videos look like they may have been recorded without the knowledge of the women. They also said some of what was captured on the videos does not appear to be consensual.

"We further anticipate other unrelated sexual assault, sex related charges including voyeurism and rape," said Olsen.

Police asked for anyone who has felt victimized by Aguirre to come forward.

Doss, 27, was found strangled near the intersection of N. Fiske and E. Ferry in Spokane in 1986. Police collected DNA samples from the murder scene, but did not get a match until recently. One piece of DNA they collected off Ruby Doss belonged to Aguirre.

The recent match came when investigators were looking into the ongoing rape case in Franklin County. They matched the DNA they collected from Aguirre in the Doss investigation to the Franklin County case.

Recent court documents outline investigator's newest timeline for the crime. Detectives believe that Aguirre and Doss got into a fight after a sexual encounter on the night of the murder. They say Doss pulled a knife on Aguirre and tried to run away. They believe Aguirre caught her and hit her twice on the back of the head. Once she was unconscious, detectives said he strangled her.

WATCH: SPD links former Pasco officer to cold case murder

A friend of Aguirre told police that after ta night of drinking Aguirre said he "hit a woman in the head and choked her."

Aguirre was placed on administrative leave in 2014 when he was accused of rape in the Tri-Cities area. He resigned when his DNA was matched with the DNA in the Doss murder case.

"Spokane Detectives still continue to review cold cases for new leads and evidence, so these perpetrators are held accountable for their crimes," said Assistant Chief Selby Smith. "Because of the diligent work of multiple detectives and agencies over the last 30 years, we were able to present this case to prosecutors and help those affected by this tragedy."

Investigators are still asking women who may have been assaulted by Aguirre or anyone with information related to the Doss homicide to contact Spokane Police Department Major Crimes Detectives at 509-622-5849.


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