EWU students "let it go" for a good cause

Eastern students said it took two school quarters to complete this senior project.

SPOKANE, Wash. - Mechanical Engineering students at Eastern Washington University are using their senior project to help local toddlers with neurological issues.

To do so, they recruited a familiar, frozen face.

The EWU students who worked on the project told KREM 2 News it took two whole school quarters to complete it. They said they are very proud of what they've accomplished and after many late nights they're ready to just let it go.

Disney's "Frozen" is known for its lovable characters and catchy songs. One of the characters, Olaf, will be doing more than offering warm hugs to the kids at Spokane's Guild School.

Olaf will be a huge teaching tool for the toddlers, who range from 18 months to three years old, to learn about human body parts.

Olaf is a gift from the three mechanical engineer students, and it is all a part of their Senior Capstone program that is a graduation requirement.

The 1st quarter was spent coming up with the design and many presentations until the idea was approved. The second quarter was when all the building happened.

The students call it a "Frankenstein" Olaf, because it is made up of two pillows sewed together, stuffed with wires and push button switches.

"It feels very rewarding," said Carolene Guinn, a EWU engineering student. "I'm really happy we took this assignment on and we were able to complete it."

Guinn said it felt good to be able to help the children out and help them develop.

Brandon Mead helped program Olaf and said it is meant to be random every time, and it will teach them different body parts.

"It'll help them I think a lot of instructors can step out and it brings a whole new dimension to what the guild school can do for their classes," Mead said.

The designing and building process was not easy. The students said they faced many difficulties and a lot of it was learning on the go.

Now that they're done and have delivered the results of their hard work, they said it has all be worth it.

The students said they will be on deck to help if any complications arise from Olaf.


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