Council overrides Mayor's sick leave veto 5-1

Spokane City Council overrides Mayor's sick leave veto

SPOKANE, Wash. -- Spokane City Council did not back down on the sick leave policy, overriding Mayor Condon's veto Monday night.

The Council originally passed the measure with a six-to-one vote. It mandates five sick days for employees in all businesses that employee more than ten. Three sick days will be the rule for any business that is smaller.

On Friday, Mayor Condon vetoed the measure, saying there was no need to pass the far-reaching sick leave mandate so quickly.

On Monday, the council voted to override that veto five to one.

Condon said he was hopeful his veto would give the council members a chance to re-think the policy.

"The opportunity now exists for the Council to review this and to take any number of actions. And we're hoping that's one of them," said Condon.

City Council President was not much affected by the veto, however. The six-to-one vote meant the Council had the power to pass the measure into law with or without the Mayor's support, which is exactly what they did. 

"I think some policies, like labor standards, there isn't some middle ground where everybody gets to a happy place. Something like sick leave, you're either offered sick leave or you're not," said Stuckart.

Council member Mike Fagan was the solo member to vote again the measure during the Council's first vote. He said businesses were not given enough of a voice in the discussion.

"One of them said, 'I'm an owner of three small businesses. I have ten employees at each one, and I can tell you already I'm going to shut down two of them,'" said Fagan.

The law is set to go into effect January 2017. 



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