Self-professed 'book nerd' becomes social media star

As she starts her freshman year at Snohomish High, Taylor Stanley concedes she hasn't turned out the way her parents expected.
"They wanted me to play soccer and I ended up being this," she jokes.
"This" is a not-so-typical teenage girl with one rather all-consuming obsession.
"It's a crippling book addiction," she confesses.
It's an "addiction" Taylor is trying to get other kids hooked on, as well.
The 14-year-old is a prolific pusher of the written word.
Taylor has such a passion for literature, she established her own channel on the YouTube offshoot BookTube where she has nearly 1,000 faithful followers.
"It started because I had all these emotions inside of me. It was like I needed to talk to someone about books or I was going to explode!" She says.
Taylor has interviewed New York Times bestselling authors, including Morgan Matson. She has sat on panels about teen literature. She has even been asked to write blurbs for the backs of teen books.
Taylor says publishing giant Simon and Schuster has now taken notice, sending Taylor books to promote on her channel before they've even been released.
It sounds like fiction, but it isn't. Taylor says it's almost like living a fantasy novel that she wrote herself.
"If I didn't have to do anything else all day I'd probably sleep for a long time. Then I'd eat. Then I'd read and I'd repeat those three steps. So, it's eat, sleep, read and repeat."
Taylor reads about three books every week. She hopes to one day become an author, herself, and has no plans to pursue a career in soccer.

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