Earthquake rumbles residents near North Star Fire

with employees at a bank that's just across the parking lot from the construction here at the new tribal headquarters. Many of them thought it was coming from this area, maybe it was some kind of accident. Not the case - it was an earthquake.

NESPELEM, Wash. – A 4.2 magnitude earthquake rocked Nespelem early Tuesday, sending vibrations as far away as Canada.

On the Colville Indian Reservation, the tribal administration building was evacuated after the earthquake.

Though everything turned out to be OK< this happened as the tribe is already dealing with a massive wildfire nearby.

Flodell Williams said she was sitting at her computer doing work when the earthquake hit.

"We felt a little rumble, and a big boom," Williams said.

Williams and her coworkers evacuated the new tribal headquarters building that is still under construction, and there was no damage to report.

Williams said some people did not think it was an earthquake at first, but rather an explosion.

Some people said they thought a helicopter may have crashed. Regardless, the earthquake can be added to the list of things keeping the small community on its toes.

The rare earthquake comes as hundreds of firefighters are battling the massive North Star Fire that has burned more than 200,000 acres.

"It gets me spiritual for a second, because I want to make sure that I'm good, and everybody else around me is good too," Williams said.

So far, that seems to be the case. The North Star Fire has not destroyed any homes yet.

Employees at a bank that is just across the tribal headquarters said they initially thought it was some type of accident.

"Then the windows start rattling," said Rhonda St. Pierre who works at the bank, "but I'm so used to it because of the construction they drive so fast by here."

As the shaking continued though, she knew something was different.


"I looked back and the phone just fell off," she said.

St. Pierre went outside and found other baffled employees as well. Micki BearCub-Hudson can attest to the quake's power as well.

"A loud boom followed by another big rumble," BearCub-Hudson said. "I look up and there's lights shaking."


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