Rathdrum family involved in tragic wreck returns home

Rathdrum family speaks after deadly crash

RATHDRUM, Idaho. --- Three months after a tragic crash killed their 10-year-old daughter in Oregon, a North Idaho family is back home on Tuesday.

The crash hospitalized Don and Barbra Adams and prompted several surgeries to repair shattered bones.

Until last week, they were still recovering in Oregon.

"Last thing I remember, driving down the highway, taking photos of the kids, then we loaded up in the car and headed on down the road,” said Don.

The family was on their way to a wedding in California when they were struck by another car.

The driver tried to illegally pass another car when they hit the family’s car.

Don, his wife, and son survived the crash. Don was badly hurt in the accident and had to be put in a drug-induced coma while doctors operated on him.

Don woke up a week and a half later, only to learn that his daughter Amber, did not survive the crash.

"It was crushing. My firstborn child didn't make it.,” Don said. “But I thank God that she went out very quickly and she didn't live to suffer. It was like a dream, but more like a nightmare,” he added.

Miraculously, Marshall was virtually unharmed, while Don and Barbra were hospitalized for weeks in Central Oregon.

Don had to have multiple surgeries, including a titanium plate put in his spine. Doctors were close to amputating Don’s leg, but they were able to save it.


"I could have easily been dead or a quadriplegic,” commented Don.

Earlier this month, Don and Barbara returned to their home in Rathdrum. The family was finally able to be reunited with their son, after the couple endured weeks of physical therapy.

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