Veteran helps hang flag at Bonners Ferry Port of Entry

"Old Glory" Stars and Stripes, and the "Red White and Blue." The American Flag is one thing that you won't see at the Bonners Ferry port of entry.

BONNER COUNTY, Idaho --- A veteran who works at the Bonners Ferry Port of Entry made it his goal to add a flag pole to his workplace.

Tom Chaney has been a port inspector for nine years now, and he says not having the stars and stripes flying each day was tough.

“Didn't have a flag here. Being a veteran, I just wanted to see a flag flying,” Chaney said. “Not having one, it just really kind of hurt."

Before working as a port inspector, Chaney served in the Air Force.

To get the flag installed, he started going up the chain of command, imploring that there needed to be a proper flag pole.

Everyone got on-board and Idaho Transportation Department approved the project.

Chaney and his coworkers were the ones to install the flags themselves.

“It’s very heartwarming to see the flag every day,” he said.

They also fly the Idaho state flag and the POW/MIA flag, a greeting for those entering the country and a constant reminder for Chaney.

“It's our little flag, like Johnny cash said,” Chaney smiled. “It's not much but we're proud of it.”


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