Sandpoint man shares grade school memories of Trump

He's the Republican Party's nominee for president. But nearly 60 years ago, he was a tall, stubborn kid from New York who loved to play baseball. KREM 2's Taylor Viydo has more from a North Idaho man who used to go to school with Donald Trump. (9/8/16)

SANDPOINT, Idaho – Donald Trump is one of the most well-known people across the world and had been an international celebrity for years.

Nearly 60 years ago, he was a tall, stubborn kid from New York who loved to play baseball, according to a Sandpoint man who went to school with Trump.

It is a good thing Donald Kass has decided to hold on to his yearbooks from his days as a student at the Kew-Forest school in Queens, New York. Nearly 60 years later, it is interesting to look back. Especially considering he went to school with a man now running to be president of the United States.

Trump was a year behind Kass at the private school. There are some things that he remembers vividly about the Republican nominee.

"He was tall, so he held the flag at the commencement," said Kass.

Kass said Trump was also a decent baseball player back in the day. While Kass and Trump were not close friends, they interacted a good amount over the course of six years at the school. 

"I don't remember him being obnoxious. We didn't pay too much attention to him because he always said stupid things," said Kass.

It is that signature Trump personality that Kass says he certainly remembers. Trump was not much of a trouble maker but, he was stubborn.

"He was very self-assured. He would say something and it would be wrong. And you would correct him and then the next day, he'd be back saying the same thing. He didn't really listen. He knew everything. Basic personality didn't change. He just made more money,” Kass explained.

Kass has not seen or heard from Trump since middle school. But, he said his brother actually met Trump back in the day. Kass said the Donald actually remembered him.

"My brother is going to vote for Trump because he told him I was the smartest kid in the school. My sister in law is very mad about it," he explained.

Despite that compliment, he said his politics are opposite those of Trump's.

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