Idaho veteran says VA plans to seize his guns in error

Many community members showed up to support his right to keep them.

PRIEST RIVER, Idaho -- Veteran John Arnold said he received a letter on July 30 telling him Veterans Affairs representatives were planning to come pick up his guns.

Dozens gathered in front of Arnold's home Thursday to support his right to keep those gun.

"A couple days ago it was going to be me sitting here with john and today it's quite a few folks that so it's veterans veterans taking care of veterans," said Arnold's friend Ranger Rick. 

Arnold had a stroke one year ago. In January, paperwork filed with the VA stated that Arnold was financially incompetent and could not handle his own affairs.

Arnold claimed the box that was checked was done in error and he was always competent to handle himself. However, the VA said that due to the paperwork, Arnold was no longer allowed to buy, sell or possess firearms.

"If somebody else makes an error and they cause you grief they should fix it," said Arnold. "That's all I want is that stuff to get fixed."

Arnold received a letter that his firearms would be taken away July 30. An inspector was scheduled to go to Arnold's home August 6 to complete and inspection and seize the guns.


Arnold said he was amazed at the support he received Thursday. Community members showed up to support him and two state representatives made appearances as well. Representative Heather Scott from Idaho and Representative Matt Shea were both in attendance.

"It's absolutely amazing and it gives you a new found hope that there are still people out there," said supporter Maria Bosworth.

A field officer with Bonner County Veteran Services made an appearance at the gathering at Arnold's home Thursday afternoon. He announced to the crowd that the VA inspector would not be coming to Arnold's house that day. The Veteran Service officer also said Arnold may appeal the paperwork stating he was incompetent to handle his funds.

Arnold said he would work with that officer to get things straightened out.

"I just hope everything calms down and I can live in ease in my life instead of worrying about everything and the worry shouldn't be there," said Arnold.


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