Family sues Sheriff's Office, Soap Lake Schools in teen's death



Posted on April 29, 2014 at 10:30 AM

GRANT COUNTY--The family of a Grant County teenager killed in a car crash filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Soap Lake School District and Grant County Sheriff’s Office. Court documents alleged one of the school employees served teens alcohol before the crash.

The lawsuit essentially blamed the district and the Sheriff’s Office for not doing more to prevent underage drinking.

According to court documents, 17-year-old Sheila Rosenberg was riding in a car driven by a boy the same age when it hit a culvert while going 100 mph. Both teenagers died.

Both of the teenagers had a blood alcohol level above the legal limit, according to court documents.

Documents said Rosenberg and the boy had been driving after drinking vodka and other alcohol with minors at a home in Soap Lake. Documents added the Soap Lake basketball coach, Igor Lukashevich, showed up at the party just before midnight and invited the two to his home where he served them liquor.

The two teenagers left Lukashevich’s house and shortly after the car crashed, according to documents.

Rosenberg’s mother brought a wrongful death lawsuit against the coach and the district. The lawsuit stated that Lukashevich had his players sign a contract to avoid alcohol yet he served the minors liquor.

The suit contended the district was negligent in hiring, supervising and training the coach. 

The Grant County Sheriff’s Office and one of its corporals were also named as defendants in the lawsuit.

Court papers said the corporal responded to a noise complaint at the home where the party was happening but did not stop the minors inside from drinking alcohol. The lawsuit said the Sheriff’s Office was liable for the negligent acts of its officers.

The Sheriff’s Office said it could not comment on Monday on the lawsuit. KREM 2 News did not get a response from the school district either.