Witness to detectives: Triple-murder suspect laughed while shooting


by KREM.com, Grant Co. Sheriff's Dept.


Posted on December 15, 2009 at 8:23 AM

Updated Thursday, Dec 17 at 6:38 PM

MATTAWA, WA. -- The Grant County Sheriff's Office has charged J. Guadalupe Martinez-Lopez in the triple homicide investigation that happened near Mattawa.

He's charged with three counts of first degree murder and one count of assault. And we've now learned a fourth person was shot, but the bullet hit his belt buckle and did not wound him. He was a witness for detectives.

The following is part of a Probable Cause Report from the Grant County Sheriff's Office:

On 12/14/2009 at approximately 2130 hours I (Detective Rectenwald) received a phone call at my residence from SGT Biallas requesting my response to 21156 RD 24.7 SW, Mattawa in reference to a shooting. SGT Biallas advised he was told that two victims were in a residence at that address deceased from apparent gun shot wounds. SGT Biallas said a third victim was located in the roadway near RD U SW & RD 26 SW also deceased from an apparent gun shot wound.

I responded to the scene and prior to my arrival one of the victims from 21156 RD 24.7 SW had been transported via ambulance because some sort of life had been detected. That victim was later pronounced dead and was transported to the City of Mattawa ambulance building.

Upon arrival on scene at 21156 RD 24.7 SW I made contact with Deputy Harris who had already spoken with a Spanish speaking witness who was identified as Jorge Luis Rivera. Rivera told Deputy Harris that a lone suspect arrived at the residence earlier in the evening. Rivera described the suspect as being a Hispanic male, 5'7", skinny build, slight mustache, wearing a hooded style sweater, pants and tennis shoes. Rivera said he only knew him as possibly having a first name of Lupe and also went by the nickname "Pareja".

Rivera said Lupe visited for a short time and left to the store with Roberto. He said Roberto drove his Dodge Intrepid. He said he Kayla, Pedro, Diablo, and another unknown male remained in the living room watching television. He said approximately twenty minutes later Lupe showed back up at the residence alone and stood on the front porch with the door open. Rivera said Lupe starting laughing then pointed a pistol into the living room and started firing the gun into the living room striking two victim's, Pedro and Diablo. Rivera said when the shots rang off he dove to the ground and immediately felt a burning sensation believing he had been shot. Rivera said he checked himself out and noticed his shirt and belt buckle had been struck by the bullet. Rivera said Lupe fled the area on foot.

Rivera told Deputy Harris that he had recently been to Lupe's house in Mattawa drinking beer and could show him where he lived. He added Lupe was known to drive a light blue in color Ford Ranger pickup truck.

Rivera said he had received a phone call from Lupe earlier in the evening. He said Lupe told him he was bored and wanted to come over and visit. Rivera said he knew Lupe's cell phone number to be ___-____. Rivera said he could show us the number but believed a friend named "Gitano" had his phone and fled the residence with his phone during the shooting.

Rivera described the gun as being silver in color .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol. He said he saw this gun several days earlier when Lupe was trying to sell it.

At my direction Deputy Harris transported Rivera to Mattawa so he could point out Lupe's residence. Deputy Harris later advised that the residence Rivera pointed out was 710 Williams ST.

SGT Biallas told me he entered the residence prior to my arrival to conduct a protective sweep and to assess the situation. SGT Biallas told me he located at least five spent .45 caliber casings near the front door, a pool of blood near the kitchen area, spattered blood on the living room carpet, a small caliber pistol in the hallway with several spent casings near this gun. SGT Biallas said he also followed a trail of blood down the hallway to the back bedroom where he located a deceased Hispanic male on the floor. He said the decedent appeared to have succumbed to a gun shot wound. SGT Biallas told me the middle bedroom door was locked so he breached the door, the room was checked and was found to be empty of persons.

I was also told of the second scene on RD 26 SW just east of RD U SW. Deputy Hutchinson said there was a deceased Hispanic male lying face down in the middle of the roadway on RD 26 SW. Deputy Hutchinson advised a crime scene perimeter was established but had concerns about the snow falling covering the body and possible evidence. Deputy Hutchinson covered the body with a blanket at my direction.

I established a crime scene perimeter around this property and the decedent in the far west bedroom was left in place. Detective Messer, Deputy Harris, and I transported the two Hispanic male witnesses and one White female to the Mattawa Police Department so they could be interviewed.

I requested the Washington State Crime Laboratory crime scene response team to assist with evidence processing at this residence. I was told they would respond with an estimated time of arrival of 1000 hours.

At approximately 0005 hours Detective Messer and I interviewed Kayla Marie Hiner 10/21/1989. Hiner said she was from Oregon and recently met Rivera and was at his residence visiting.

Hiner described the suspect as being a Hispanic male, 5'9", skinny build, dark complexion, short black hair spiked on top, wearing dark jeans, dark jacket, and one black leather glove on his right hand.

Hiner said the suspect showed up at the house earlier in the evening and spent approximately twenty minutes talking. Kayla said she gave the suspect a Marlboro Light cigarette and he went back to the west bedroom and talked with Rivera for a few minutes. She said the suspect and Roberto left the residence in Roberto's Dodge Intrepid. She said after approximately thirty minutes the suspect showed back up at the residence alone. She said he stood on the front porch with the door partially ajar. She said the suspect claimed Roberto's car had slipped off of the roadway. She said he then pointed a pistol and started firing approximately six shots from a silver in color semi-automatic pistol. Hiner said the suspect fled the area.

Hiner said a subject named Primo and Teitano fled out the back door. She said Diablo ran for the back bedroom and fell to the ground in this room. She said Pedro just fell to the ground in the living/dinning room. Hiner said the suspect has been to the house in the past and she has heard him talk about selling guns. Hiner described the suspect and occupants of the house as friends and there was no tension while the suspect visited the house prior to leaving with Roberto.

On 12/15/2009 at approximately 0930 hours I was contacted at the scene at RD 24.7 SW by Jose Uriel Sanchez Avila DOB 09/22/1977. Sanchez Avila said his brother Pedro lived at this residence and he heard there had been a shooting. He asked if his brother Pedro was okay. Also present was Pedro's sister Maria Rodriguez Sanchez DOB 08/26/1972. Both were able to positively identify their brother, Pedro Rivera Sanchez 02/05/1988, from photos as the decedent who was transported to the Mattawa Ambulance building where he was pronounced dead.

I was contacted by Officer Chiprez, Mattawa Police Department, advising he had information on the subject "Lupe" we were looking for. Officer Chiprez said their department had been given intelligence by Deputy Harris of a suspect in the recent robbery in Desert Aire and recent boat motor thefts. Officer Chiprez referenced Mattawa case number 09MA0834 advising Miguel Angel Diaz Hernandez 02/18/1986 had been contacted driving a red in color For Mustang convertible. (Similar vehicle seen in the area at the time of the robbery) Mattawa Police Chief Jensen contacted a male passenger on this traffic stop and would only identified himself as J. G. Martinez Lopez. Chief Jensen was able to obtain his real name as being J. Guadalupe Martinez Lopez DOB 09/10/1985 using a phone number 831-0174 (Rivera previously identified this number as "Lupe's", the shooter)

Officer Chiprez advised Diaz Hernandez listed an address of 705 Williams ST (close proximity to "Lupe's" address at 710 Williams) and said he was associated with 400 South Boundary. Officer Chiprez said he has seen a blue in color Ford Ranger at this address in the past.

At approximately 0725 hours Deputy Delarosa, Detective Cook, and I was advised by MACC dispatch of a gray in color four door vehicle matching the description of the missing Dodge Intrepid abandoned in an adjacent field located near 20556 RD 24.7 SW. We responded and located our missing Dodge Intrepid. The vehicles rear window was shattered out, and saw two small red stains on the exterior of the right front passenger door, and I saw two holes near the far front bottom corner of the right front passenger door window. The two holes appeared to be bullet holes. The window was shattered but remained intact because of the window tinting. Paralleled to these holes I noticed the front passenger door side mirror plastic was broken as if whatever went through the window also went through the mirror. Detective Cook noticed behind the mirror was a fired bullet. This bullet was recovered because of the possibility of loss during transit. I photographed the vehicle, red stains, bullet, bullet holes, and windows.

Deputy Delarosa spoke with the complainant who called about the vehicle. She said she heard a loud crash last night, 12/14/2009, at approximately 2200 hours. She said she looked outside and noticed the vehicle parked out in the field, running, with its lights on. She said she did not see anyone come or go from the car. The complainant said she did not call because she figured someone was just out drinking beer or something.

Deputy Delarosa agreed to stay with the car and it was eventually towed to INET impound pending a search warrant.

At approximately 1110 hours several Patrol units and I responded to 710 Williams to see if "Lupe" was home and if not attempt to identify him. I knocked on the door and a male subject answered and identified himself as Alfons Salgado 05/22/1971. I asked for Lupe and he said he was not at the residence and had recently moved out. I asked for permission to enter the residence and Salgado allowed us into his living room. Deputy Delarosa interpreted for me. Two other subjects were also identified in the residence, Jose Gonzalez 02/15/1976 and Abraham Mendez Franco 04/12/1982.

The occupants said Lupe also known as Lupian rented a bed in the living room since May. They said he recently moved out on Friday saying he was moving to California. They said Lupe had family in Oregon and California. They said Lupe owned a 1993 blue Ford Ranger, they said they knew it was a 1993 because Lupe had the vehicle for sale and they saw it on the sign. They said the vehicle had California license plates. In plain view I saw a vehicle insurance document with the name J. Guadalupe Martinez listing an address of 1937 Comanche ST, Oceanside California 92056. I asked for and was granted permission to search using my Department issued Ferrier card of Lupe's immediate living area. I did not locate any items in his drawers or near his bed. I asked for permission to take the insurance document and they all said I could. I asked how I could contact Lupe. Mendez Franco removed a small piece of yellow paper with 509-831-0174 Lupina on it. I asked if I could have the paper and he said yes. We thanked the occupants and left.

I contacted Wes Floyd, FBI, and provided him with J. Guadalupe Martinez's name and date of birth, the insurance document, cell phone number, and Hernandez Diaz's full name and date of birth so he could research and obtain more information on these subjects. Agent Floyd was able to e-mail me a photograph of Guadalupe Martinez from an old booking photo taken in San Diego California. Agent Floyd said he would also assist me with tracing Martinez's cell phone number 509-831-0174 and possibly getting a current phone location. Agent Floyd provided me with the name of the cell phone subscriber, Juan Josue Ramos. (Josue Ramos is the listed registered owner of Roberto's Dodge Intrepid) Agent Floyd called me back advising the cell phone Lupe was using had been turned off.

At approximately 1521 hours I telephone Hiner and Rivera. Hiner advised she was told Lupe was en route to Sunnyside to meet his girlfriend Patricia "Patty" Perez.

I contacted Detective Ortiz, Sunnyside Police Department, and provided him with Lupe's full name and possible vehicles he may be associated with. I also gave Detective Ortiz Patricia Perez's information.

I was contacted by a concerned citizen who said Lupe and friends were going to meet at a specific place to eat. I informed Detective Ortiz of the location and vehicle description.

At approximately 2115 hours I received a phone call from Detective Ortiz advising he had four male subjects in custody at a local Mexican restaurant. Detective Ortiz told me that J. Guadalupe Martinez Lopez 09/10/1985 was in custody. He advised during a search of Martinez Lopez's person they located two empty .45 caliber pistol magazines. Detective Ortiz said Martinez Lopez told him post Miranda that an unknown male subject from Mattawa gave him the pistol magazines and vehicle that he drove to the restaurant. (Blue in color Volkswagen confirmed to be recently stolen in Mattawa) Detective Ortiz said Martinez Lopez, the three Hispanic males that arrived with Martinez Lopez, Patricia Perez and another female would be transported to the Sunnyside Police Department awaiting my arrival.

At approximately 2300 hours we arrived at the Sunnyside Police Department. Detective Ortiz said while conducting surveillance on the Restaurant awaiting Lupe's arrival his dispatch advised an armed robbery had just occurred at a local convenience store. Dispatch gave the description of the vehicle, blue Volkswagen with Washington license plates, and of the suspect, Hispanic male. The suspect produced a pistol and pointed it in the clerks face and took an amount of money and beer. Detective Ortiz said soon after this call a blue Volkswagen pulled into the parking stall next to him at the restaurant and the Hispanic male driver quickly exited the vehicle and entered the restaurant carrying a bag. Detective Ortiz said that subject was identified as J. Guadalupe Martinez Lopez.

On 12/16/2009 at approximately 0100 Detective Messer, Detective Ortiz, and I interviewed Patricia Perez in a conference room at the Sunnyside Police Department. In summary Perez told us she met J. Guadalupe Martinez Lopez "Lupe" approximately three weeks ago in Mattawa. Perez said she and a friend would visit Roberto and her friend would use crystal methamphetamine at Roberto's. She said she met Lupe at Roberto's.

Perez said she talked with Lupe at approximately 2200 hours on Monday 12/14/2009. She said Lupe's cell phone number was 509-831-0174. Perez said she called Lupe the next morning and they made arrangements to meet at a local Mexican restaurant in Sunnyside that evening to eat dinner. Perez said she called later that afternoon at approximately 1600 and Lupe's phone had been turned off. She said Lupe called back soon after using his friends Miguel Angel cell phone. Perez said she asked Lupe why he was a different number and he told her it was because he had a little problem and would tell her more about it during dinner. Perez said he also requested she get him a motel room and put the room in her name. Perez said Lupe had been recently driving a blue in color Volkswagen which he said he paid $11,000 for in Moses Lake. She said this evening when Lupe showed up at the restaurant he claimed he forgot his wallet so he left the restaurant for approximately fifteen minutes and when he returned he told everyone they could order whatever they wanted. She said he appeared to be hot and he removed his jacket and outer long sleeve shirt.

Perez told me she believed Lupe and Roberto were involved in drug sales together.

On 12/16/2009 at approximately 0208 hours Detective Messer, Detective Ortiz, Deputy Harris, and I interviewed J. Guadalupe Martinez Lopez 09/10/1985 in a conference room at the Sunnyside Police Department. Martinez agreed to have the interview tape recorded and Detective Ortiz re-advised his Miranda rights. Martinez Lopez said he understood his legal rights and was willing to make a statement.

Martinez Lopez said in summary that yesterday (12/14/2009) he went to Oaxaca's house because he was mad at him and others in this residence because they had raped a girl in the past. He said a friend of his gave him a ride to Oaxaca's house and he was armed with a .45 caliber pistol. Martinez Lopez said he visited with Oaxaca and others in the house for a short time then made up an excuse for him and Oaxaca to leave the house so he could shoot him. Martinez Lopez said they left the house with Oaxaca driving his own car and he was seated in the front passenger seat. He said they drove towards the mountains and he confronted Oaxaca by saying he was going to pay. Martinez Lopez said he removed his .45 caliber pistol from his pocket and started shooting at Oaxaca. He said at one point Oaxaca tried to run away and he shot at him. Martinez Lopez said while Oaxaca was lying on the ground he stood over him and fired one last round.

Martinez Lopez said he drove Oaxaca's car back to the residence. He said he opened the door and stood on the porch just outside of the front door. Martinez Lopez said he told the occupants who were seated on the living room that what they did was wrong. He said it appeared as if they were going to stand up so he started shooting before they could do anything to him. Martinez Lopez said he thinks he fired five rounds at the occupants in the living room. He said he got back into Oaxaca's car and drove until he got stuck. He said he just left the vehicle where it go stuck and ran to his friends Miguel Angel's house. Martinez Lopez said he put the gun he used to shoot Oaxaca and the others into the trunk of his friends Honda which was parked at the Mexican restaurant where they were arrested.

Martinez Lopez went on to say tonight prior to being arrested he went to convenient store to down the street from the restaurant alone. He said he produced the same .45 caliber pistol he used to shoot Oaxaca and pointed the gun at the clerk and demanded money. Martinez Lopez said he left the store and went back to the restaurant with the intention of using the money he took from the store to order food. Martinez Lopez admitted to several other armed robberies in Sunnyside, Basin City, and Grant County. I showed Martinez Lopez a surveillance photograph of a recent armed robbery at the cell phone store in Desert Aire. The picture showed two Hispanic males, one holding a pistol leaving the store. Martinez Lopez pointed to the subject holding the pistol and said that subject was him. He refused to identify the second subject. (SEE TAPED TRANSCRIPTIONS AND WRITTEN STATEMENT FOR COMPLETE DETAILS OF THE INTERVIEW)

Sunnyside Police Department executed two search warrants on the blue Volkswagen and Honda recovered at the restaurant. Detectives recovered a Colt Ejercito Argentino .45 caliber pistol serial number 43120 in the trunk of the Honda. Detective Cook told me the magazine was empty but seated in the guns magazine well, and one .45 ACP round was chambered in the gun.