What to expect at Spokane's first recreational pot shop




Posted on July 7, 2014 at 5:17 PM

Updated Tuesday, Jul 8 at 6:58 AM

SPOKANE, Wash.--Tuesday marks Washington State’s first day of legal pot sales. The Washington State Liquor Control Board issued its first licenses to business owners on Monday. The board only issued about 20 licenses. There were around 7,000 applicants. There were also 79 licensed growers.

Most of those growers did not expect to have their first shipment ready until late summer. Many approved business owners were not set on opening their doors on Tuesday because they did not have the supply.

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Edibles would not be legal on Tuesday. Edible makers had additional obstacles to pass through, such as childproof packaging, strict labeling and further state inspection and review.

Spokane Green Leaf was the only pot shop in Spokane set to open on Tuesday. Employees said they were ready for the legal sales of recreational pot to begin. They added that there would be a limited supply of product on Tuesday.

With a limited supply, prices were expected to be high. It was set to cost anywhere between $560 to $700 for an ounce of pot on Tuesday. The legal limit of pot is one ounce. Green Leaf employees said they would only allow customers to buy two to four grams on Tuesday because of the limited supply.

Marijuana at Green Leaf was going to be sold by the gram. Employees said it would cost between $20 to $25 per gram. It would cost customers a maximum of $100 to get their first recreational pot at Green Leaf on Tuesday.

“I'm expecting a line out the door. A couple hundred people, at least,” said Chad Welsh with Spokane Green Leaf.

Employees said security would be high on Tuesday. The owner at Green Leaf said they passed all of the State’s minimum requirements for security. The measures included alarm systems and extensive video surveillance. Employees said video cameras must show the entrance at all times, as well as the product. Stores must keep their video archives for at least 45 days.

Green Leaf employees expected to be ready to open their doors on Tuesday at 2:00 p.m.