Teenage girl devastated after pet turtles are stolen




Posted on August 13, 2014 at 5:54 AM

Updated Wednesday, Aug 13 at 9:58 AM

SPOKANE, Wash.  --  A teenage girl was left heartbroken Tuesday after she woke up to find her pet turtles were missing.

"Matt" and "Jay" are so much more than pets to their young owner, Jaeylin. Her family searched throughout the night, hoping Matt and Jay would eventually be found.  They came up empty handed.

Jaeylin said she was heartbroken when she realized her beloved turtles were gone. Jaeylin suffers from severe allergies.  As a result, Matt and Jay are the only pets she can have.

"My heart was broken. My heart was really, really broken" she said. "It's ridiculous how much I love my turtles. They're like my kids," she said.

Matt and Jay disappeared while Jaeylin cleaned their tank.  She said she had put them in the backyard pool for a half hour.  When it was time to take the turtles inside, they were gone.

Jaeylin told KREM 2 On Your Side that the turtles are physically too small to have climbed out on their own.  KREM 2 On Your Side observed that there was a lot of foot traffic in front of the home in northeast Spokane, but there was no concrete description of a suspect as of Tuesday night.

The family called Crime Check and friends and family joined in on the search.

Jaeylin said while she appreciates all the support, she cannot help but assume the worst.

"They are my best friends," Jaeylin said. "I just hope they are okay. Nothing can replace these turtles."