Suicide note reveals last words of man shot by SPD officers



Posted on March 28, 2014 at 6:11 AM

Updated Monday, Mar 31 at 7:32 AM

SPOKANE, Wash. -- A friend of the man who was shot by Spokane Police Department officers Wednesday said she found his suicide note.

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Steven Charles Corkery, 30, was killed after a standoff with police at a North Spokane home.  Investigators said Corkery was a suspect in a recent armed robbery of a Baskin-Robbins.

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Charity Burland, who lives in that home, said she discovered Corkery’s suicide note in the journal she writes in everyday.

“It says ‘Charity, I'm so sorry I did this to you,” Burland read from the note. “Please stop living this life that we're leading.”

Corkery wrote about his and Charity's addiction to heroin.

“The reason I met him in the first place is due to drugs,” said Burland.

She said Corkery was haunted by drugs, mental illness and the crimes he had committed.  But she said despite his shortcomings, he had a gentle soul.

“He has a huge heart. He wanted more than anything to be a parent and he couldn't have kids,” said Burland.

Burland continued to read from the note, “Take your life back and be the mother your babies need you to be. I’m sorry it had to end like this. I'll always be with you in spirit forever.  Your friend, love, Steven Corkery.”

A candlelight vigil was held for Steven Corkery Thursday night.

Burland said she planned to start rehab soon.