Spring temperatures bring out the bikers




Posted on April 3, 2013 at 4:19 PM

Updated Wednesday, Apr 3 at 5:30 PM

SPOKANE, Wash. -- It’s been two weeks since a substantial rain hit the region. Since then, the dry spell is getting more people out on two wheels.

It’s not hard to get outside on a beautiful spring afternoon, and it’s no surprise the bike business is booming.

Employees at WheelSport are fixing up at least 50 rides every week. They say sunny skies are driving in customers sooner rather than later.

“The past two springs have been nonexistent. It’s been colder, wetter than usual. Then you hit 80 degrees and it’s summertime. We kind of missed spring. It’s welcome this year,” Mic Woodruff, WheelSport manager, said.

Since 2009, it’s been a soggy start to spring. This year, however, Spokane’s picked up less than a half-inch of rain. That’s 2 inches behind this period last year.

Cyclists are taking advantage of every dry day then can.

“I’m not a foul weather rider. If it’s below 50-- years ago, but now longer,” biker Mike McConkey said.

As the snow begins to melt, riders are changing gears. They’re clearing off the cobwebs and dusting off the two-wheels to take a spin.

“That’s probably why business has increased this year, because we have more fair weather riders.” Woodruff said.

In fact, Woodruff says business is better now than the last two years, thanks, of course, to Mother Nature.