Spokane youth pastor finds his stolen items before police




Posted on March 18, 2014 at 8:45 PM

Updated Tuesday, Mar 18 at 11:20 PM

SPOKANE, Wash.--A Spokane youth pastor said he wishes he could help the thieves who stole his stuff.

TJ Hahn said the burglars stole more than his stuff. He said they stole his family’s peace of mind.

Hahn said he wants some change in the police system, but he is not angry with police.

“There's just not enough focus on theft and crime and it by the time it goes through the proper channels it's too late,” said Hahn.

Hahn said crooks stole Wii games and his wife’s photography equipment from their backyard playhouse in late February. He said crooks paid them another visit on Friday.

Hahn said he reported both thefts to police. He said he then did his own detective work and found all his items in an ad posted on Craigslist.

Hahn said police told him they have not had the time to contact the crook who even posted his cell phone number on the site.

“You know you're affecting more than just stealing somebody’s things...you're affecting their kids...their safety,” said Hahn.

Spokane police said it does not mean they are not investigating the crime just because a victim does not hear from them right away. They said they are very active on Craigslist and were looking into connecting the dots to see if there is a bigger crime ring at play.

Police said Hahn did the right thing by not directly confronting the crooks. They said you should always leave police work to the professionals.

“I know so many people who say ‘my house was broken into and nothing happened.’ It's just so frustrating,” said Hahn.

A KREM 2 News reporter called the number in the ad and a woman answered. When the reporter told the woman he was looking for TJ Hahn’s stolen items, she promptly hung up.