Local nursing school closes without notice


by KREM.com


Posted on January 8, 2014 at 8:04 PM

Updated Friday, Jan 10 at 11:11 AM

SPOKANE, Wash.--A local school for Certified Nursing Assistants suddenly closed, according to students.

Students had little warning except for a notice on the website and an unusual sign outside the school.

One student interested in becoming a nursing assistant registered with CNA Schools Northwest without any concern. He saw the school was accredited and listed on a State website.

Days after the student signed up for classes, he learned he was not going to get the training he needed.

Nick Washburn is a senior at Eastern Washington University. He was looking for clinical experience so he paid a $350 deposit to start at CNA schools Northwest in Spokane.
Washburn registered on Thursday and scheduled to visit the school Tuesday.    

"There's a little post-it note on the window saying the office is closed today as if maybe they would open again,” said Washburn.

Along with the note was a sign that read, “Call me in France.” People inside the building on Wednesday said the school was closing because the owners wanted to sell it. They had no idea what the sign about France meant. The sign changed minutes later and only read, “Closed.”

"It was kind of like a bitter note, yeah we got your money, I'm over here in France just hanging out,” said Washburn.

The school was forced to close by the State’s workforce training and education coordinating board on Friday. Washburn never heard from or got a hold of anyone from the school after Monday.

The Workforce Training Board told the school to suspend all operations. That meant classes must stop. There can be no promoting the school, including online, and they cannot collect money.

The board said the school is being investigated for financial issues.

"It all looked legitimate, it was all on the government website, I made sure they were a certified program,” said Washburn.

Washburn was able to get the bank to reverse his charge from the school. He said he has learned his lesson about being even more cautious and doing your research.

There were a few other students that never started and more who did not get to finish their program.

Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board has a fund to help students get refunded for money lost to the school. The state agency is also helping students who did not finish their program get placed at another school.
For more information, call the Board at 360-709-4600.