Spokane ‘escort’ attempts to catch a predator


by Othello Richards & KREM.com


Posted on May 23, 2012 at 6:21 PM

Updated Wednesday, May 23 at 6:53 PM

SPOKANE-- A woman who calls herself an "escort" is working with Spokane Police to track down a client who she says made a criminally indecent proposal.

According to court documents the woman contacted police after she felt that this potential client truly wanted to commit a sex crime against a child.

The suspect called the escort after seeing her advertisement on a webpage similar to Craigslist, called Backpage.

The two started communicating through text messages but the male never revealed his identity.

According to court papers, the escort claimed the suspect wanted to arrange a date with a child and asked for pictures.

documents say the escort told authorities she was willing to "do anything to catch this guy" so she continued conversations even pretending that she would set the suspect up with her fake niece,  whom she called Lisa.

According to text message transcripts in court documents, the suspect became suspicious and asked the escort if she was a cop.  She replied no.

Court papers say the suspect agreed to pay several hundred dollars for time with her and her Lisa.

The escort told detectives about the case and authorities asked why she was willing to work with law enforcement.

Court documents say the woman replied she has a very close friend who was raped when she was a little girl and the escort wanted this suspect off the streets.

Spokane police detectives are working to track down information the suspect using his cell phone number.